the police caught the thief the corner of cascade and plum streets

  • "at" In American English.

    Why option C is wrong here?

    You mean you lượt thích "from" as in "originating from"? To use "from" in any situation lượt thích this it would be, "The police took him from his hiding place at Cascade and Plum Streets."

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    Ok lets take these examples (Are these correct?) :

    We purchased fruits from the market.

    The police caught the thief at the market.

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    Big help! Thank you friends.:):)

    But note that in the case of the market, you can also say: We purchased fruit at the market.

    The difference, in my view, is that with "from" you are envisioning an action that involves movement. You bought the fruit and are taking it away from the market. With "at" there is a static sense. The action or information is centered in one place and is not moving. Also, it happens to tướng be a fairly mix expression to tướng say "We bought/purchased X from Y." "Who did you buy this watch from? I bought it from a guy who runs a cửa hàng at 4th and Vine."