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ECS Transactions, Volume 3, Number 14 Citation Tom DeVore and Michael Peretich 2007 ECS Trans. 3 171 DOI 10.1149/1.2721468

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The kinetics for the oxidation of 1-propanol by unsupported copper (II) oxide were measured at temperatures less phàn nàn 700 K using flow kinetics. This oxidation produced propanal initially. The reaction order in 1-propanol changed from 2 lớn 1 at a temperature of ~ 515 K. The averaged values for the apparent activation energy for the production of propanal were 130 + 8 kJ mol-1 at temperatures below 515 K and 25 + 10 kJ/ mole at temperatures above 515 K. The Arrhenius pre- exponential factors (A) for the low and high temperature regions were 2 x 1013 min-1and 144 min-1 respectively. A mechanism that can explain the observed kinetics has been developed and is presented. Catalytic combustion of the 1- propanol lớn produce carbon dioxide was the only reaction observed at temperatures over 585 K

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