my boss says i can use his car

  • My quấn says I can use his siêu xe whenever I want to tát. ví long as I'm careful.DISPOSAL My quấn ......... ví long as I'm careful.

    My quấn says his siêu xe is at my disposal ví long as I'm careful.

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  • The news was a shock to tát us. ABACK We ................. news.

    We were taken aback by the news.

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  • James realised that he could never be an architect. CUT James realised . .. ... an architect.

    James realised that he was not cut out to tát be an architect.

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  • They chose not to tát drive because they thoUght there would be too much snow. FEAR They chose ... .. ................. too much snow.

    They chose not to tát drive for fear of too much snow.

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  • I'm sick of that programme; I've watched it too often.OFF I've .... ....................... .; I've watched it too often

    I've gone off that programme . I've watched it too often

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  • I never have enough time these days. SHORT I .. ................... these days .

    I am short of time these days .

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  • It is very possible that he'll be promoted. EVERY There .... promoted.

    There is every likelihood he´ll be promoted

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  • It is certain that he will return this aftemoon. BOUND He ....... this afternoon.

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    He is bound to tát return this afternoon.

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  • Could he have been telling the truth?LIKELY. Is ...... the truth?

    Is it likely he was telling the truth?

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  • Could you come on Saturday? SUIT How ............. you?

    How does coming on Saturday suit you?

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  • You won't be able to tát enter the country unless you have a visa. PREVENTED Passengers without. a visa ......... the country.

    Passengers without. a visa will be prevented from entering the country.

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  • Not many people went to tát the last match of the season.TURNOUT There .. the last match of lhe season.

    There was a poor turnout at the last match of lhe season.

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