keto detox

Are you living La Keto Loca?! This light cleanse/detox is keto friendly with specialized blends ví you can rid toxins/boost immunity/get in key nutrients without compromising your keto plan. Each day comes with (6) 16oz. bottles, (3) 2 oz. wellness shots & 1 herbal tea.  Drinks are numbered in suggested drinking order

*3-Day Cleanses are meant to lớn be started within 48 hours of receipt. 

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You're also able to lớn subscribe to lớn ongoing cleanse deliveries at any frequency you want! Check out all of the perks of our subscription program here.

Example of juices included:

Crunk+Lemon (pure celery and lemon; great for gut-health, to lớn start your morning)

B.Bop (grapefruit-celery-lime)


Rhythm without green hãng apple (sweetened with lemon, alkalizing, detoxifying)



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Keto Rock Almond Milk (fresh almond milk, sweetened with monkfruit, cinnamon, raw cacao, MCT *Bulletproof Brain Octane oil) *makes a great smoothie base, or can be consumed as-is

Electro Super Lemonade (sweetened with monkfruit, plus xanh rì spirulina *a great source of trace minerals/nutrients)

Goth Super Lemonade (sweetened with monkfruit, plus activated charcoal *great for mild detoxification)

Drag Super Lemonade (sweetened with monkfruit, plus dragonfruit *great source of B vitamins)

**Please make a note at checkout with any special requests, i.e.: "no jalapeno, no almond milk, etc."

16 oz. bottles / 100% raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed almond milk / made funky fresh in-house


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Build your own 6 and 12 packs for weekly delivery by clicking the links below:


*made in a facility that processes tree nuts