it is necessary

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it is necessary

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Sense: Adjective: essential


essential Collocations, required, prerequisite, vital Collocations, fundamental Collocations, obligatory, needed Collocations, requisite, imperative, indispensable Collocations, crucial Collocations, elementary Collocations, pressing Collocations, mandatory Collocations, compulsory Collocations, de rigueur, a must, exigent (formal), all-important, important Collocations, paramount Collocations

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unnecessary Collocations, unneeded, unessential, insignificant, inessential, nonessential

Sense: Adjective: inevitable


unavoidable, undeniable, certain Collocations, inevitable Collocations, ineluctable, inescapable, predestined, unmissable

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