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Detcincyl is an anti-inflammatory steroid hooc môn drug, used to tát treat eyes, ears, nose and throat. Follow the article to tát better understand the use of Detcincyl.

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1. What is Detcincyl?

Detcincyl is indicated in the following cases: Anti-inflammatory, used in chronic hepatitis, glomerulonephritis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, arthritis, polyarthritis, asthma.
Ingredients of Detcincyl: Dexamethasone (as Dexamethasone acetate): 0.5mg. The main ingredient in Detcincyl is Dexamethasone. This is fluomethylprednisolone, a synthetic glucocorticoid, almost insoluble in water.
Active ingredient Dexamethasone works by binding to tát receptors in cells, translocating into the cell nucleus and there affecting a number of genes to tát be translated. Dexamethasone has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunosuppressive effects, and has little effect on electrolyte balance. In terms of anti-inflammatory activity, Dexamethasone is 30 times stronger phàn nàn hydrocortisone.
Detcincyl is a drug manufactured by Vietnam Pharmaceutical Chemistry Joint Stock Company. Prepared in the size of tablets. Box of 50 blisters x 15 tablets, box of trăng tròn blisters x 30 tablets.

2. When to tát use Detcincyl?

For cases:
Acute anterior uveitis, chronic anterior uveitis, iritis, blepharitis, eye disease caused by Herpex zoster; Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis; Chronic hepatitis, glomerulonephritis; Polyarthritis; Asthma ; Eye allergies, recurrent ulcers due to tát toxicity or allergies; Heat or chemical eye burns; Postoperative inflammatory response.

3. Contraindications to tát the use of Detcincyl

Contraindications to tát using Detcincyl in the following cases:
People with corneal and conjunctival diseases caused by Herpes simplex, Vaccinia, Varicella and other viruses; TB eye; Tuberculosis, gonorrhea infection; Ocular fungal diseases, systemic fungal diseases; Infection; Allergy to tát any ingredient of the drug.

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4. Dosage of Detcincyl

Adults: In the acute size, take 3mg/day, if the disease is severe, take 4-6mg/day, when the results are achieved, gradually reduce the dose; Maintenance: 1/2-1mg/day; Children: 1/4-2 mg/day, depending on age; Dosage 1 day divided into 2-3 times, taken during or after meals.

5. Side effects when taking Detcincyl

When using Detcincyl for a long time, it can cause complications:
Peptic ulcer, water and salt retention; Cushing's syndrome; Adrenal cortex atrophy; Osteoporosis, muscle atrophy.

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6. Dealing with missed dose or overdose

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take your next dose at the scheduled time. Do not take double the prescribed dose.
If there are abnormal symptoms when overdose, it is necessary to tát immediately notify the doctor or the person in charge of medical care for timely handling.

7. Other notes when using Detcincyl

Risk of drug interactions Detcincyl with food and drinks:
When using Detcincyl with foods or alcohol, beer, tobacco... can cause antagonism or synergism with the drug. Read the instructions for use carefully or consult your doctor or pharmacist about taking Detcincyl with food, alcohol and tobacco. Note to tát use Detcincyl during pregnancy:
In the treatment of asthma, pregnant women who use Detcincyl have a risk of fetal growth retardation when repeated or prolonged systemic therapy. Corticosteroid prophylaxis is necessary for the mother during labor; Close monitoring is required for water retention. Note to tát use Detcincyl drug during lactation:
The drug can be passed to tát the baby through breastfeeding. It is best not to tát or limit the use of the drug during breast-feeding. Many drugs have not yet identified all the effects during this period, mothers need to tát carefully read the instructions for use and consult a doctor, pharmacist before deciding to tát use the drug. Drug storage:
Store Detcincyl below 25 degrees Celsius, protect from light, tự not freeze. Keep Detcincyl out of the reach of children and away from pets. In summary, Detcincyl is an anti-inflammatory steroid hooc môn drug, used to tát treat eyes and ears, nose and throat. Detcincyl can cause some unwanted effects, ví patients should use the drug as prescribed by the doctor to tát reduce the risk of side effects, increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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