ch2=ch2 + br2



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CH2=CH2+Br2CH2BrCH2Br, is an example of addition reaction.

Here, in the reaction, Br is attacking the double bond.

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CH3CH2CH2BrKOH−−−alcoholCH3CH=CH2 the above reaction is an example of - - - - -

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End product in this reaction is CHCH+HBrXKOH

The compound A, B and C in the following reaction sequence are (in the order A, B, C):
CH3CH2OHPBr3−−(A)alc. KOH−−−−−(B)Br2/CCl4−−−−−(C) 

A hydrocarbon, 'X' (C3H4) decolourises Br2/CCl4 solution forming 'Y'. 'X' gave a red precipitate of a compound 'Z' with ammoniacal cuprous chloride.
X, Y, and Z respectively are:

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CH3CH=CH2+B.r     CH3.CH2Br