al + fe2 o3

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Balancing the Chemical equation:

  • When we balance chemical equations, we want the same number of each sort of atom on both sides of the equation.
  • Only the coefficients are changed. The numbers in front of the molecule are called coefficients.
  • Subscripts should never be changed.
  • Metals must be balanced first, followed by nonmetals such as oxygen and hydrogen (hydrogen is not involved in this scenario).
  • The unbalanced chemical reaction provided is


  • It is a single displacement redox process in which Aluminium (Al) and Iron (Fe) swap places.
  • As there are two Aluminium atoms on the right side, we must put a 2 before the Aluminium on the left side.
  • Second, the Iron must be balanced. As shown on the left, there are two Iron atoms in Fe2O3, thus a 2 must be inserted on the right side vĩ đại balance them.
  • Finally, the oxygens must be balanced, but in this case, they are already at 3 on each side, therefore the equation is now balanced.
  • Thus, the balanced chemical reaction is:


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